Garvinwood Church

Garvinwood Church is a church with friendly fellowship just across from the University of Evansville baseball fields on the Lloyd in Evansville, IN (19 N. Englewood Ave) that meets every Sunday at 10:30 AM.

No picture is worth those words

The saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words." I recently met life long members of our church, they had been away for personal reasons, who made me question this famous saying. They said two words that could, in my opinion, never be traded for a single picture. This encounter with the couple came in the midst of our "memories" series. This sermon series was a group of semi-related sermons that started on Mother's Day and covered the spectrum of mothers, graduates, and Memorial Day (this coming weekend). I thought, maybe I should have taken a picture of this extremely cute couple who are the epitome of loyalty, dedication, and everything else desirable in a relationship. Upon returning home though, I came to the conclusion summarized by the title: a single photograph printed on plastic, remaining lifeless for all those looking upon it, could not have done this couple justice. The way the husband acted towards his bride with love was incredible. The sacrificial love of an 89 year old is adorable, respectable, and many other identifying terms and phrases, and a picture would not do it justice. To top off the kind gestures and the amazing stories were the words that sum it all up: seventy years. Wow! This couple will have been married for 70 years this December. To continue changing common phrases, the phrase, "That kind of marriage just doesn't happen anymore," is also irrelevant, because when did that ever happen? I applaud this couple and look to them like the tree in Psalm 1:3 that was planted on the banks of the river and continually received new life from the living water. Let us plant our relationships along the Living Water so that they will never thirst of greed, selfishness, envy, or any other negative words which represent actions inspired by a hardened heart, but instead, let them boast on the words: seventy years.


Pastor Mat

Background image by Kuba Bozanowski.