Garvinwood Church

Garvinwood Church is a church with friendly fellowship just across from the University of Evansville baseball fields on the Lloyd in Evansville, IN (19 N. Englewood Ave) that meets every Sunday at 10:30 AM.

I Work Out

Wow, summer was crazy, and now it is well into my favorite season: fall. Sorry I haven’t put anything on here for a couple of months. It is difficult to write a fantastic blog that will stop everyone in their tracks when I am busy writing between 10-20 pages for class every week. Well, Fall break is next week, so here is a short blog on a subject I could write on for days: health and fitness as it relates to church. I see a book in the works. Actually, it is one I started a while ago called “Half to the House”. This blog is mainly about church health, but we can use it to be healthy whether your community is church, college, family, a basketball team, or you are playing on a reality tv show.

I love fitness. That's my other job; I work at the top ranking athletic club in the area, where all the doctors and lawyers work out, which is a great reconciliation option since our church is geographically located in the "hood". However, focusing on church health and not physical health, I would use a variety of exercises that relate to a focused element. Our vision is to reach students in an effort to change families, so we go all in on that. But if we do not focus all our efforts on VBS (or any one event per year), because then we would pull a muscle preparing for it by not preparing for the students throughout the year. And then we would be so tired following the event that sitting on the couch is the only thing that follows. 

Many of us care about getting from "The couch to the 5k", but what happens after the event? Usually we give up and lose so much momentum. Instead, after the half, of eating all the chocolate cake you can find, it is better to keep that momentum. Same with focusing on students. After the big event, for which you have prepared diligently, follow up with the students and use that to stay in somewhat good condition until going all in on training mode again next year. We see this at the athletic club where one of our top tennis pros, he was the long time touring tennis coach for extremely successful Gigi Fernandez, has his tennis students play basketball and throw a football to help with their serves. The students are still focused on the main goal of tennis, but cross training is crucial. We played ultimate frisbee on our college cross country team, and I liked running in that form much better than running hills.

Stay focused on what God has called you do. Be sure to diversify your preparation portfolio.

Does this help? Does this make sense?

Background image by Kuba Bozanowski.