Garvinwood Church

Garvinwood Church is a church with friendly fellowship just across from the University of Evansville baseball fields on the Lloyd in Evansville, IN (19 N. Englewood Ave) that meets every Sunday at 10:30 AM.

John 20:18

Our church sign will still proclaim “John 20:18” for at least a few more days until I can safely get the ladder to change it. Christmas is behind us for at least a few more months until Wal-Mart gets out the Christmas decorations, but we cannot forget why we celebrate the day. We love Christmas parties not for the cookies and punch (those items are why we work out all year); we love Christmas parties because of what they represent. Christmas parties remind us of a gift. A gift that is taken away from us. We falsely celebrate and worship the death of the savior because we think it brings us the opportunity for eternal life. Jesus’ death does not begat us eternal life. That is an oxymoron. His life begat our life. 

Last month, we celebrated Christmas, but do we stop and ponder why? Christmas is the first sign of God being able to bring life to the death. God’s chosen people had missed it. Their religious traditions were stale and stagnant. Jesus brings life to death. Do you truly believe that Jesus can bring life to the death? Are you dead inside? Your past, present, and future have been less than favorable; Jesus brings life to that. Is your family dead? You haven’t talked to your son in years, your relationships have tension, you’re not sure if you can enjoy the blessing of kids and grandkids; Jesus brings life to that. Is your community dead? People do not socialize with one another as they did in days gone by, people cannot ask for flour from their neighbors, people have ruined their future with the use of drugs and other substances; Jesus brings life to that.

Until we say, I have seen the Lord, we will think ourselves, our families, and our community will ever remain in the state of death. Understanding that Christ came to give us life to the fullest, we have the confidence to do our part to allow the Holy Spirit to work through us to bring life to us, our family, and our community.

I hope in 2018 you can remember John 20:18 for the hope of you, your family, and your community.

Background image by Kuba Bozanowski.